At Magical Designers, we undertake projects in our blanket. Right from designing to executions, we offer end to end solutions i.e. Designs, Materials + Labour & Supervision. A one-stop-shop for your entire interior needs.


As satisfaction of our clients is our topmost aim, we shower them with ‘n’ number of designs to choose from. Contemporary, Modern, Minimalist, Traditional, etc … we give you a wide variety of designs for uttermost contentment.


Only at Magical Designers will you see such a wonder – International brands come with superior craftsmanship & up to date knowledge of premium materials at a very reasonable price. Professional service, design expertise and variety of amazing types of top finishes… What could be better?


Once you have availed Magical Designers services, we will be there to help you at any point of time, be it day or night. We deliver after-sale services round the clock, so feel free to call us anytime, anywhere; sit back & relax.


We understand how difficult is to start thinking about a renovation or get a designer house so we happily ignite the process & gives free consultation & even provide a free quotation. Once you contact Magical Designers, all your worries about the interior end. Simply call us and we will be there to assist you with a bunch of free advice, quote & a welcome drawing of your house.


The warranty given by us is undoubtedly & unconditionally ‘Lifetime’ on all our craftsmanship work, while the warranty on materials are based on the terms and conditions given by the respective company. However, we will be available to assist you 24×7, 365 days for the rest of your life. No Conditions Apply!!!